1:20 – Can the Left Support the Second Amendment?
10:33 – American Legion’s Junior Shooting Sports Program
35:23 – Introducing Guns to Leftists: Carolina’s Journey
55:54 – Arbery’s Implications for the 2nd Amendment with Dan Wos
1:10:11 – Stump My Nephew: What is a Glock 17L
1:17:32 – You Don’t Know Jack-son

Can the left support the Second Amendment? Michael and Joe discuss a letter from a left-leaning SDCGO member. Is the Second Amendment truly for everybody?

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How could your kids benefit from joining a youth shooting sports group? Find out from Monique Clemons from the American Legion’s District 22.

Carolina Castro shares the story of her journey from anti-gun leftist extremism to becoming an advocate for San Diego County Gun Owner’s shooting socials.

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What implications do the NYSRPA vs Bruen and Ahmaud Arbery case have for the Second Amendment? Author, Podcast host of the Loaded Mic, and Second Amendment Activist Dan Wos joins the show to discuss these recent cases.


Stump my Nephew: What is a Glock 17L?

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