Riding Shotgun with Charlie

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Charlie Cook from Riding Shotgun with Charlie and GunGram fame talks with Michael about music, teaching, and family. Are you following his stagecoach? Like, subscribe & share to help get the truth out about gun ownership! Thank your Magpul for sponsoring this video!

Hanging out with Mrs. Suffecool

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Tickets are back online for COVER YOUR ASP WEEK!  Get your tickets here: The Law Enforcement Training Scholarship tickets are back online!  Eventbrite didn't like that you could win a Glock for supporting the program and helping an officer get FREE training with John Correia.  Learn more and support the

Top Shot Chris Cheng Going Big

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Train with Active Self Protection in San Diego!  COVER YOUR ASP WEEK is coming up on March 16th!  Make sure you get your tickets before they're sold out! Help a cop train with Active Self Protection, win a Glock! FEEL THE BERN! Top Shot Chris

Chris Cate – Somebody Call a Chiropractor

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Does Chris Cate need a chiropractor? “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Like & Subscribe to help get the truth out about gun ownership! Don't forget to share with a friend! Visit for more. Excerpt from Episode 234: Jan 31,

Spark a Conversation with Primer & Co

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Melissa Lee interviews Mary Dixon from Primer & Co. Use the code GunOwners20 for 20% off! Subscribe to the Gun Owners Radio Newsletter and win a T-shirt or hoodie from Primer & Co.! Winner will be announced on the Jan 31, 2021 show. Excerpt from Episode 233: Jan 24,

Bree Michael Warner – #TACTIGALNYC

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Michael shares exciting news about the Veto Gunmaggedon facebook group. Bree Michael Warner, actor, law enforcement officer, firearms trainer, and 2nd Amendment activist joins the show to talk about censorship, Hollywood, her journey with gun ownership, gun bunnies, and to encourage women to learn how to become their own first responder.