Bree Michael Warner – #TACTIGALNYC

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Michael shares exciting news about the Veto Gunmaggedon facebook group. Bree Michael Warner, actor, law enforcement officer, firearms trainer, and 2nd Amendment activist joins the show to talk about censorship, Hollywood, her journey with gun ownership, gun bunnies, and to encourage women to learn how to become their own first responder.

Judi Wells’ Journey from ANTI-GUNNER to PRO-2A Advocate

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Judi Wells shares her journey of how she went from an extreme anti-gunner to a PRO 2nd Amendment enthusiast, instructor, and community organizer. Watch her interview to hear her compelling story. from Episode 232: Jan 17, 2021

Nathan Fletcher Called to Resign

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Michael and the crew discuss San Diego Board Supervisor, Nathan Fletcher, calling leaders for the Newsom Recall neo-nazi's and white supremacists.  #BULLY "You don't get to intimidate us.  Just because you have the weight of government behind you, you do not get to intimidate us, you don't get to incite things

Johnny B and 2nd Amendment Advocacy

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Johnny B sits down with Michael for our second MAGNUM show, where we get into more depth with our guests. Like, subscribe & share to help restore the 2A in CA! Join the Gun Owners Radio Newsletter: Links Johnny B on YouTube

Fighting for Women’s Self Defense Rights with the DC Project

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Become a better self defender with John Correia on COVER YOUR ASP WEEK!  Learn more & buy tickets here. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Robyn Sandoval and Gina Roberts talk about how the DC Project is advocating for women's self defense rights. There's a growing number of mom's that appreciate and want to exercise their

Episode #228: Mythbusting Gun Control Myths from the Medical Establishment

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Attorney Jason Saccuzzo shares updates with the fight to keep restaurants open. Find out how the adult entertainment industry is helping to keep restaurants open! "All the data supports the value of guns in American society." Dr. Robert Young from Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership talks about his organization and how they are fighting

Episode #226: Interviews with Leaders the 2A Community

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Sometimes we want to explore topics in more depth. Enter the MAGNUM series: no commercial interruptions, no limits. Watch the first MAGNUM episode of Gun Owners Radio with David Brown from Shooters Union Australia, where Michael and David compare notes living under fierce gun control. Learn why Australia is watching the Georgia Senate elections. 

Life under gun control in Australia

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Get your Cover Your ASP Week tickets before the early bird pricing goes away! David Brown, Vice President of the Shooters Union Australia joins the show from down under. Perry Yee joins the show to share what's going on at Active Valor, his non-profit that connects veterans with Gold Star families.