SB 2 Creates Strange Bedfellows

We in the Second Amendment community are always on high alert for new infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. Whenever anti-gun politicians trot out a new law […]

EMERGENCY. CCW Related. Please Read.

Hello,I am writing this email with great sadness. I am also writing with determination and motivation. Today, Senate Bill 2 or SB2 became law. Our lawsuit, Carralero v. Bonta, is […]

16 Rules of Safe Gun Handling

Firearms, frequently associated with outdoor recreational pursuits or admired as intriguing collectibles, carry an undeniable weight of responsibility. Their inherent power transforms them from mere tools to potential life-altering instruments. […]

Open Carry is Stupid

Introduction As of the writing of this blog post, 31 states allow open carry without a permit; 15 more allow open carry but have some stipulations and special requirements attached. […]