San Diego CCW Fee Increase Explained

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Michael and Joe share the driving factors behind the CCW permit fee increase in San Diego. The crew also talks about Gun Prom and Hemmerling losing the Union Tribune’s endorsement. Interested in getting your Concealed Carry Weapons permit in San Diego? Get your tickets to Gun Prom! Excerpt

Who is Steve Dettelbach and Why Should You Care?

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“Steve Dettelbach is likely just as anti-2A as Chipman, but he doesn’t seem to be plagued by the screwball factor and character concerns as was his predecessor. This makes the probability of a successful confirmation much higher for Dettelbach than it ever was for Chipman.” Read Joe’s complete article at:

Stephen Halbrook on Nazi occupied France and the Ukraine

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Is history repeating itself? Stephen Halbrook joins the show to discuss the similarities between Nazi-occupied France and Ukraine. In 2014 Ukraine was about to pass legislation on firearm ownership before Russia invaded. “Ukraine is an object lesson on why we have the Second Amendment and why we need the Second

UNCONSTITUTIONAL: A National Firearms License

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The gun control industry never wastes a good crisis. Joe & Dave discuss the latest proposal to implement a Federal gun license. How do lawmakers that propose clear infringements on the Constitution keep their jobs? Excerpt from Episode #302 May.22, 2022 Like, subscribe, and share to help restore the Second

Brea Mayor Steven Vargas runs for Orange County Supervisor

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Get to know the mayor of Brea, Steven Vargas, and his campaign for Orange County Supervisor. Why should gun owners support him? Excerpt from Episode #302 May.22, 2022 Like, subscribe, and share to help restore the Second Amendment in California! Subscribe to our Rumble channel: #guns #gunowners #2a

Vote for Kelly Martinez for San Diego County Sheriff

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Get to know Kelly Martinez, San Diego County Gun Owners' vetted and endorsed candidate for San Diego Sheriff. Watch this segment and learn why she earned SDCGO’s endorsement as the best choice for San Diego Sheriff for gun owners. Excerpt from Episode #301 May.15, 2022 Like, subscribe, and share

TJ Johnston & Orange County’s 2A Picks for Judge

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TJ Johnston, founder of AllSafe Defensive Systems, is one of the most influential leaders in modern defensive practice. “You have the right to carry, but you have the responsibility to train.” Listen to TJ’s segment for his recommendations for PRO2A judges in Orange County. Excerpt from Episode #301 May.15,

PRO Second Amendment Judges in Orange County

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Find out which judges to #vote for that support the Second Amendment in #OrangeCounty. Longtime Second Amendment activist TJ Johnston gives his recommendations at 1:10. Office 5: Claudia Alvarez Office 9: Christopher Duff Office 11: Shawn Nelson Office 20: Eric Scarborough Office 21: Erin Rowe Office 22: Brahim Baytieh Office