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An interview with firearms instructor and competitive shooter Emily Chen

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Emily Chen, aka AIM-TO-MISBEHAVE (aim2ms.behave) on INSTAGRAM is with us! Firearms instructor and competition shooter Emily talks to us about CCW’s for women. Follow Emily Chen on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aim2ms.behave/ Excerpt from Episode 258 July 18th, 2021 --

Aim to miss behave with firearm instructor Emily Chen

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4th Circuit Court, out of Virginia, ruled that an adult under 21 can own a firearm. Two steps forward, one step back. Good, adults can own a firearm, Assault Weapon Decision, More than 20 states are Constitutional Carry. The bad, San Jose gun tax, the assault weapon

Top 10 Lessons Learned after Watching 30K+ Gunfight videos for WOMEN

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Before you carry a gun, you should know that MINDSET is an even more powerful tool for self-defense. In-studio is NOTMESD’s program manager Desi Bergman and Steph Weidner to talk about an upcoming Webinar just for WOMEN. Excerpt from Episode #254, June 20, 2021 --

The Plot Against the President with Amanda Milius

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Get tickets for the exclusive screenings of the movie on June 10 & 11, 2021: https://www.gunownersradio.com/patpmovie/ Amanda Milius, Director of the controversial documentary film 'The Plot Against the President'. She was the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Content in the U.S. Department-of-State. Amanda attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Firearms training for women by women #NotMeRC

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Executive Director of Riverside County Gun Owners, Karen Wood tells listeners about The #NotMeRC movement and Riverside County Gun Owners initiative to stop sexual assault and end domestic violence. The sad reality is that the prevalence of these crimes is increasing. As part of their effort to end this crisis,

High School Shooting Survivor Destroys Biden’s Executive Orders

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Welcome back Kaylee Allen to the show! Kaylee survived a mass shooter at her high school and has become a stronger 2nd Amendment proponent as a result of her experience. Listen to this segment to get her take on Biden's executive orders. Follow Kaylee at https://www.instagram.com/kayleestockton_/ Like & Subscribe to help

Concealed Carry While Jogging with Alexo Athletica

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GEAR REVIEW! LADIES! How do you carry your gun while running? It’s still important to be your own first responder when you’re working out! Melissa invites Amy Robbins, the founder of Alexo Athletica to talk about their concealed carry running shorts for women! Check out the video to see how they

Special Guest Mary Callison

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Have you heard of ONE MILLION MOMS AGAINST GUN CONTROL? Mary Callison joins the show and shares how they’re battling Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action to protect MOM’s self defense rights! Learn about her gut-wrenching story that drives her 2nd Amendment activism. Find out more about 1 Million Moms Against