The Ethics of Collecting Milsurp

Introduction In past blog posts, I have shown off some military surplus (“milsurp”) firearms from my personal collection. The hobby of collecting can be a fascinating pursuit within the broader […]

Check Out This Gun: Turkish Mauser

On a recent episode of Gun Owners Radio, we briefly discussed the standard long arm of the Ottoman Empire in World War I: the Mauser bolt-action rifle. As I mentioned […]

Check Out This Gun: Last-Ditch Type 99

Introduction During my segment at the end of yesterday evening’s episode of Gun Owners Radio, the discussion turned toward the Imperial Japanese Army’s standard long arm during World War II: […]

Behind the Gun Counter: Trade Shows

The NRA held its annual meeting, NRAAM, this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. Although it exists primarily as a summit for the organization itself, NRAAM also hosts its own trade […]

Why Don’t We Have “Smart Guns?”

In the field of computer science, there exists a longstanding rule of thumb known as “Moore’s Law,” which dictates that the number of transistors available on an integrated circuit will […]

Jack of All Weapons or Master of One?

Part of the fun of the firearm hobby is being able to choose your own hardware. People have been making guns for more than half a millennium, so even if […]

You’re Preparing for the Wrong Apocalypse

Working behind the counter at a gun store, a big part of my job involved answering customers’ questions. With any type of product, prospective buyers always want to know what […]