An Interview with the Intrepid Seth Jahn

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The US Soccer Federation fired Seth Jahn for expressing his belief against kneeling during the National Anthem. How deep have the tentacles of cancel culture gotten where a US Army Special Ops veteran, a counter-poacher, and a counter-human trafficker, and a US National Team Captain is removed for believing US

Slappity Ding Dong it’s John Correia!

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John Correia from Active Self Protection sits down with Mike for this MAGNUM interview. Learn more about the guy that has analyzed more than 30,000 defensive gun use videos and has used this body of knowledge to develop an evidence-based curriculum to teach gun owners the skills and practices needed

Ursula Williams

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Special Guest Ursula Williams joins the gang IN STUDIO!  Listen to her segment and get to know this 3-gun sponsored competitor and podcaster!  Hear more from Ursula on her podcast:, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE to help us make 2A Activism easy! Subscribe to the Gun Owners Radio newsletter: Excerpt from Episode

Go Big in 2021 with Chris Cheng

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Top Shot Chris Cheng joins the show to talk about the coming battles for the 2nd Amendment in 2021, being a gun owner in San Francisco, AR vs AK, and his coming appearance on TBS’s Go-Big Show. Excerpt from Episode 234: Jan 31, 2021 Subscribe, listen to & watch Gun

Bree Michael Warner – #TACTIGALNYC

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Michael shares exciting news about the Veto Gunmaggedon facebook group. Bree Michael Warner, actor, law enforcement officer, firearms trainer, and 2nd Amendment activist joins the show to talk about censorship, Hollywood, her journey with gun ownership, gun bunnies, and to encourage women to learn how to become their own first responder.

Ken Campbell from Gunsite Academy

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Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite Academy stops by the show to chat about how Gunsite is delivering classes and overcoming all the COVID-19 health restrictions, new gun owners, and their offerings for female firearm owners. Subscribe & Share to restore & defend the 2nd Amendment! Excerpt from Episode 231:

PRO 2A Aliso Viejo City Council Member Mike Munzing

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Interview with Mike Munzing, recently re-elected city council member from Aliso Viejo and lung transplant recipient. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE TO SUPPORT THE 2A in CA Don't forget to hit that alarm button to get notified when we upload new content. Clip from Episode 229: Dec 29, 2020

Johnny B and 2nd Amendment Advocacy

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Johnny B sits down with Michael for our second MAGNUM show, where we get into more depth with our guests. Like, subscribe & share to help restore the 2A in CA! Join the Gun Owners Radio Newsletter: Links Johnny B on YouTube