2021’s Charity Course at FrontSight

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Joe Drammissi returns from the Charity Course that was just held at FrontSight Firearms Training Institute. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE to help us make 2A Activism easy! Subscribe to the Gun Owners Radio newsletter: Excerpt from Episode #240, March 14, 2021

Top Shot Chris Cheng

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Happy Glocktober! Gun Prom was delayed again. :( Save the date, May 1, 2020 is the new date. Chris Cheng joins the show!  Listen to his journey from a kid in Mission Viejo, to a dream job at Google, to the winner of Top Shot Season 4 Winner, to a leading 2A Advocate!

John Currie Pew Pew Tactical

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Gun Prom Updates (delayed again... ) John Currie from Pew Pew Tactical Cover Your ASP Week, coming up GEAR REVIEW: StopBox Subscribe to the Gun Owners Radio and win a Stop Box! 15% off discount code - find it in the review John Dillon & Assault Weapons Ban Updates & more Is the

Lessons Learned from St Louis

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Jamie Franks from Top Shot All Stars + Active Shooter Defense School joins for lessons learned from the McCloskey incident in St Louis (BONUS: 5 Minute Red Dawn Dissertation) Gun Prom is coming Oct 3! Melissa Lee talks about precision shooting.  1200 yards! Failing the Victim Selection process POM Pepper Spray. SPICY David