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Exploring Less Than Lethal Options with Bill Desy

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Welcome back Kaylee Allen to the show! Kaylee survived a mass shooter at her high school and has become a stronger 2nd Amendment proponent as a result of her experience. Listen to this segment to get her take on Biden's executive orders. Follow Kaylee at Gun

Bree Michael Warner – #TACTIGALNYC

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Michael shares exciting news about the Veto Gunmaggedon facebook group. Bree Michael Warner, actor, law enforcement officer, firearms trainer, and 2nd Amendment activist joins the show to talk about censorship, Hollywood, her journey with gun ownership, gun bunnies, and to encourage women to learn how to become their own first responder.

Judi Wells’ Journey from ANTI-GUNNER to PRO-2A Advocate

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Judi Wells shares her journey of how she went from an extreme anti-gunner to a PRO 2nd Amendment enthusiast, instructor, and community organizer. Watch her interview to hear her compelling story. from Episode 232: Jan 17, 2021

Carry Girl Gear, Year in Review, Hoarding vs Preparing & more!

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Last show of 2020! Train with John Correia and Active Self Protection in San Diego! Bee Jackson, founder of Carry Girl Gear shares her one piece of advice for women interested in protecting themselves with firearms: GET STARTED TODAY. Use the code GORADIO for 15% off at Michael reviews the 2020

Gun Fighting Wisdom with Clint Smith

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This is a replay of Clint Smith's interview back in April of 2020.Which one is your favorite 'Clintism'?LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to the Gun Owners Radio Podcast! can find out what Clint's been up to on their website at https://www.thunderranchinc.comSubscribe to the Gun Owners Radio Email Newsletter: restore the 2nd Amendment in California!Members