Episode #227: Dropping Truth Bombs with Clint Smith

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Become a better protector with John Correia in San Diego! Cover Your ASP Week is coming up in March!  Get your tickets now. Are you a member yet? 10-Ring members get to go special events, like our 10-Ring member night shoot that was just this weekend. Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch rejoins the

Jeff Johnsgaard & 360° CQD

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It's ladies night at Gun Owners Radio! The ladies of SDCGO, Melissa, Wendy, Desi and Karen from Riverside County Gun Owners, are guest hosting! Jeff Johnsgaard from Natural Tactical Systems introduces Gun Owners Radio to 360° CQD.  Stay tuned for a long-form interview coming up later this month. Karen Wood shares what's going

Lessons Learned from St Louis

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Jamie Franks from Top Shot All Stars + Active Shooter Defense School joins for lessons learned from the McCloskey incident in St Louis (BONUS: 5 Minute Red Dawn Dissertation) Gun Prom is coming Oct 3! Melissa Lee talks about precision shooting.  1200 yards! Failing the Victim Selection process POM Pepper Spray. SPICY David

Gun Fighting Wisdom with Clint Smith

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This is a replay of Clint Smith's interview back in April of 2020.Which one is your favorite 'Clintism'?LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to the Gun Owners Radio Podcast! can find out what Clint's been up to on their website at https://www.thunderranchinc.comSubscribe to the Gun Owners Radio Email Newsletter: restore the 2nd Amendment in California!Members