Gun Owners’ Doublespeak Dictionary

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Like many other things in life, there's a learning curve when you start something new. Gun ownership is no different. New gun owners arrive with their knowledge about guns mostly from the news and media, which uses terms that don't exactly mean what you think they would mean. To help you become a

Stephen P Halbrook; San Diego County Sheriff Gore on CCW’s

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Stephen P. Halbrook, author of "The Founders' Second Amendment" Loading your own ammo with Jason from the Gun Range San Diego The NRA - In Support of an Imperfect Organization San Diego County Sheriff Gore and CCW's - Thank you Sheriff Gore & Undersheriff Barnett! Good Cause Statements What is the difference between a

Defense Against Mobs; War Hogg Tactical

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Shooting Socials Gun Prom rescheduled to October 3, 2020 CCW's in San Diego Supreme Court on 2nd Amendment Cases SDCGO Blog: Defense Against Mobs Rick Hogg from War Hogg Tactical, Inc. Champion Safes at AO Sword What's the difference between a C7 and an M16?

Pastor Brian Hawkins from Riverside County Gun Onwers

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Did you get your tickets to GunProm.com?  It’s coming up!  Good times, great people, great cause!  Buy your tickets now: https://sandiegocountygunowners.com/dinner/ Pastor Brian Hawkins, founding board member of the Riverside County Gun Owners joins the show. Tune in to hear is fascinating story. http://leadmygeneration.org/ Jason Stevens from the Gun Range talks wait times.  While

Antonia Okafor: Empowered

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Wayne Kotow from the Coastal Conservation Association of California talk about why we should help defeat AB 3030. Antonia Okafor from the Gun Owners of America stops by and talks about empowering women with their 2nd Amendment rights and recent events. Jason Stevens from the Gun Range San Diego talks about the accuracy differences