Shannon Dicus Endorsed by Inland Empire Gun Owners

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Inland Empire Gun Owners is proud to endorse a strong Second Amendment supporter like Shannon Dicus for Sheriff of San Bernardino County. The Sheriff’s office is a very important position for gun owners because of their influence on CCW’s. Support Sheriff Dicus for San Bernardino Sheriff! http://www.shannondicus4sheriff.com/

Incompetence or Malfeasance? How will Hemmerling screw up CCW’s in San Diego?

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“If you value your CCW’s, if you value your guns, don’t vote for John Hemmerling. Don’t vote for John Hemmerling. Don’t vote for John Hemmerling.” Find out what John Hemmerling did this past week to threaten gun owners' rights. TIME CODES: - Hemmerling Will Screw Up CCWs

Massad Ayoob and Emergency Safety Rescue Tools for First Responders

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Legendary author, trainer, and Second Amendment advocate, Massad Ayoob shares his thoughts on the relationship between the Second Amendment and the media. TIMECODES: 0:40 - Gun Owners Radio exposes Gavin’s false premises 9:44 - Massad Ayoob on fire extinguishers and guns 35:20 - Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Idiocy Explained

Firearm Training with NO AMMO COSTS in Oceanside

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What if ammo costs were not a factor in your firearm training? Check out the Shoreshot Firearm Simulator! Phil Hughey joins the show to talk about his new facility in Oceanside. TIME CODES: 0:54 - Guest Intro's 2:18 - Red dots and Image-based decision drills 9:50 -

NYSRPA v Bruen: If you can’t open carry, can you carry concealed?

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“… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Tom King, Executive Director of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association calls in to discuss gun ownership in New York state and the NYSRPA v Bruen case. TIME CODES: 0:30

The Ve’gun’ episode with personal trainer @Vegan_Danielle

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What happens when vegan culture and gun culture clash? You get a VEGUN! @Vegan_Danielle, vegan, bodybuilder, and gun owner shares her story. -- TIME CODES: 0:00 - Mental contortions & San Diego County’s new gun regulations 9:29 - Chatting on a hilltop with MILSPEC_MOJO 35:04 - GET-A-GRIP:

How to talk to non-gun people with Amy Dillon & Shakey Dave

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How do you talk to people with ZERO knowledge about guns? Amy Dillon and Shakey Dave rejoin the show to share their experiences and suggestions on how to talk to people that are showing an interest in learning about firearms and self-defense. TIME CODES: 0:00 - Guest