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May 28, 2022

Conversations in the wake of Uvalde

Mass shootings are horrific tragedies that follow a predictable pattern. The gun control industry screams for more “common sense” gun laws. Weak opposition from our supposedly pro-Second Amendment politicians succumbs to the emotional fury. And more laws that only diminish law-abiding gun owners’ self defense rights are passed. Watch this episode for thoughtful discussions in response to the recent tragedy in Uvalde, and how we can act to make meaningful change.

1:28 – San Diego CCW Fee Increase Explained
10:34 – Truth bombs from the NRA Show with Ursula Williams
35:27 – Domestic violence survivor exposes failure of gun control
46:58 – Joe Biden asks the WRONG questions about Uvalde
56:36 – How to pursue intellectual diversity with David Yamane
1:20:31 – What is an unsupported chamber in a Glock .40 cal gun and is it dangerous?
1:29:26 – YOU DON’T KNOW JACK-son: Jackson’s first steel match!

Michael and Joe share the driving factors behind the CCW permit fee increase in San Diego.

The crew also talks about Gun Prom and Hemmerling losing the Union Tribune’s endorsement.

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Pro Shooter, podcaster, and catwalk model, Ursula Williams calls in from the NRA show in Texas. Get the highlights and hear about the hot products and the Concealed Carry Fashion show, organized by friends of the show, Amanda Suffecool & Charlie Cook. Ursula also touches on the heinous event at Robb Elementary, Daniel Defense, state of the NRA and Barry Allen West.

“Blaming the NRA for mass shootings is like blaming AAA for drunk driving.”

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Are we tackling the symptoms, or the root cause? Domestic violence survivor, Haley, shares her story of how gun control laws didn’t stop her attacker. To fix the problem, we need to recognize how mental health plays a key role behind violence.

People are working to make a difference, and there are resources to help.

Are we asking the right questions in the wake of the horrific events of Uvalde? Tragedies like Uvalde will continue to happen if politicians and media continue to fail to ask the questions that will solve the problem AND if we continue to not hold them accountable. “If we are serious about addressing the problem, then we need to ask ourselves some questions.”

“It’s the worst of times and the best of times to have these conversations.” Professor David Yamane discusses diversity of thought, and how to engage with people that think differently and encourage them to examine different points of view.

“Reason requires you to accept that you may be wrong.”

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STUMP MY NEPHEW: What is meant by an unsupported chamber in a Glock .40 cal gun and is it dangerous?

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK-son: Learn about Jackson’s first steel match!

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