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Guess who's coming to San Diego?


Learn & Train with
John Correia from Active Self Protection

You’ve seen John break down THOUSANDS of self defense incident videos on YouTube. For the first time ever, Gun Owners Radio is excited to invite you to a week filled with fun, education, and training!

There are events for prospective gun owners, new gun owners, experienced gun owners, and friends and family!

It’s a great way to connect with the friendly gun owners community and also learn from the best!

When: March 16, 2021 thru March 21, 2021

Where: Online & Academi Southwest


Event Calendar

  • 21 Lessons Learned Webinar

    Tuesday, March 16, 2021 7:00pm PST – Online

    Attendees will learn what skills they WILL need in a defensive encounter and why. This is where we learn the why behind the skills that will be practiced on the range. Attendance in the webinar is not required but highly recommended for students. This course will focus on defensive encounters where a gun is needed rather than other skills. We will learn the Pareto Principle of Gunfighting and how that should direct and inform our training. FREE for SDCGO Members (all levels).
  • Intro to the Armed Lifestyle

    Thursday Mar 18, 2021 1:00pm PST – Academi Southwest

    This 4 hour course is for anyone that wants to learn to be more proficient with a pistol. You are welcome in this course at any skill level, whether you are now carrying a gun or aren’t even sure you want to own one.
    We will be covering safe gun handling/storage and other aspects of safely living with a firearm. We will take some time with basic operation and the fundamentals of shooting well. While this isn’t a defensive handgun course, we will touch a bit on concealed carry in San Diego and defensive firearms issues – mostly, just to tell you where/how to learn more.
    You can bring your own gun, if you have one that you would like to be more proficient with – suggested if you know you are going to use the gun in your home as a defensive option (bring 20-50 rounds or so of range ammo) or you can use one of my loaner guns if you don’t have a pistol yet or just aren’t sure what you need to do.
    The class will take place at Academi Southwest. Feel free to contact Steph@ActiveSelfProtection.com with any questions.
    This is a come as you are in your learning class, so feel comfortable knowing it is a safe learning environment to learn, ask questions, and most importantly become more skilled with a firearm.
    Enrollment includes webinar and happy hour.
  • Meet & Greet Happy Hour with Active Self Protection

    Friday Mar 19, 2021 5:00 pm PST- Academi Southwest

    Enjoy a happy hour meet & greet event with the sponsors, San Diego County Gun Owners, Gun Owners Radio, Academi, and the team from Active Self Protection! This event is included for students, but is open to everybody. Enjoy hanging out with John Correia, Michael Schwartz, and more! Delicioius pub grub from Shakespeare Pub, raffle prizes, facility tours, and a good time to be had by all.
  • Evidence Based Live Fire Training

    Sat/Sun March 20-21, 2021 9:00 am PST – Academi Southwest

    This is where students get to practice the skills discussed in the webinar on the range.  This is not a basic pistol course. Due to the material being covered, if you are not able to work your pistol properly and safely, this is not the course for you at this time. Please contact the info@gunownersradio.com to find out how to get up to speed prior to class. You do not have to have a high level of marksmanship to begin, though you will still benefit greatly if you are already at that point, but you do need to be self-sufficient and safe in all aspects of carrying: draw, firing, and re-holstering. If you are unsure if you meet criteria, please contact Steph@ActiveSelfProtection.com for discussion and evaluation.
    Lunch is included in training fees. READ MORE
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 21 Lessons Learned Webinar be recorded?2021-03-10T06:11:28-08:00

Yes, and it will be made available to registrants afterwards.

Where’s the login information for the webinar?2021-03-10T06:08:41-08:00

The login/access links are sent via email to registrants.

How much ammo do I need?2021-03-10T06:06:45-08:00

For the “Intro the the Armed Lifestyle” basics class, 50 rounds is the minimum recommended, 150 rounds is ideal.

For the 2 Day Evidence Based Life Fire Training class, 250 rounds is the minimum recommended.  500 rounds is ideal.


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