What is it like being the guy behind the definitive, biggest 2nd Amendment Supreme Court case, ever, ever, ever? Find out from Dick Heller himself.

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In this episode:
2:00 – Senate Gun Control Bill: Not as bad as it could have been
10:23 – Dick Heller & the story behind DC v Heller
46:45 – Expecting different results from more of the same
56:20 – Special Guest Interview: Jonathan Peck
1:21:24 – What’s a dum-dum?

The Senate just finished putting together a ‘bipartisan’ bill on gun control. Find out the good, the bad, and the ugly from Mike, Joe & Dave.

DC v Heller is the definitive Second Amendment Supreme Court case. Get the story on how this case started way back in 1976 with Dick Heller himself.


“When faced with a complex problem, people tend to repeatedly apply various versions of the same solutions that have failed in the past believing that a different result will be achieved this time around. There’s an old colloquialism having to do with insanity that describes this approach.” Get a grip with Joe Drammissi in this segment and read his post at


Meet Jonathan Peck, unapologetic PRO 2A advocate that was a candidate for San Diego County Sheriff. Find out why he missed the SDCGO endorsement and what lies ahead for this promising leader.

Stump my nephew: What’s a dum-dum?

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