Like many other things in life, there’s a learning curve when you start something new.

Gun ownership is no different.

New gun owners arrive with their knowledge about guns mostly from the news and media, which uses terms that don’t exactly mean what you think they would mean.


To help you become a more informed, educated and responsible gun owner, we put together this dictionary to help you translate.

AR-15 ≠ Assault Rifle || Automatic Rifle

Contrary to common assumption, the ‘AR’ in AR-15 does not stand for ‘Assault Rifle’ nor ‘Automatic Rifle’.  It stands for ‘ArmaLite Rifle,’ which was the company that first developed the rifle back in the 1950’s, but then sold the design to Colt.

Assault Weapon = Any Guns

Before the gun-control media got a hold of the term, assault weapon was used to refer to automatic machine guns. Machine guns are already heavily regulated and generally illegal to own. Since ‘assault’ is a behavior, anything could be an assault weapon. Assault bat, assault fist, assault hammer. When used in the context of gun control, it means any/all guns.

Common Sense = Uncommon Stupidity

When you hear about gun control legislation, ‘Common Sense’ is often used to describe it.

Murder is against the law. Assault & Battery is against the law. Robbery is against the law. How is a 10 round limit on your magazines going to stop a criminal?

The problem with ‘Common Sense’ gun laws is that they are enacted on the premise that criminals follow the law.

As a result law abiding citizens continue to have their self defense rights and capabilities restricted.

If bad guy with a gun can have 17 rounds in their gun to threaten someone, why is the good guy limited to 10 rounds to defend themself?

Gun Buyback = Gun Confiscation

The term ‘buyback’ implies that the government owned your guns before you did. Unless you purchased your firearm at an military or police auction (does that even happen any more?) ‘gun buyback’ means you will become a criminal if you do not give the government your firearms. Getting severely underpaid for the value of your guns or not is your choice.

Gun Roster = Gun Ban

Are cars from 2001 safer than than cars manufactured today? That’s the line of reasoning pushed by gun roster proponents.

The roster works by mandating a microstamp requirement for new firearms that is impossible for gun manufacturers to meet.

So as manufacturers stop producing old models (Do you see Honda still making the 2001 Accords?), they are unable to replace it with their newer models that are required to have a technology that doesn’t exist. As a result, the list of firearms available to California residents grows smaller every year.

High Capacity Magazine = Standard Capacity Magazine

In California, lawful gun owners are limited to 10 rounds per magazine. Anything above is considered ‘high capacity’. If pistols are manufactured and shipped with 17 round magazines (10+ magazines were common since the 1800’s), wouldn’t you consider that the standard?

If words have meanings, we should say that California gun owners are restricted to ‘Reduced Capacity Magazines.’

Red Flag Law = Confiscation Without Due Process

Also known as ‘Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO),’ Red Flag Laws allow family members or law enforcement to ask the court to ‘temporarily’ remove guns from a person who is seen to be a risk to themselves or others.  While many agree that people that are dangerous to themselves and others should not have firearms, Red Flag Laws allow confiscation without due process.  In other words, the person is guilty until proven innocent (which is the opposite the way it should be, innocent until proven guilty).  See Minority Report.

Universal Background Check = Gun Registry

In order to have a Universal Background Check, a Universal Background database will need to be used to keep track of all the data.

Do you know what is also defined as a database that keeps track of which people owning which guns? A Gun Registry.

If past history is any indicator of what follows a gun registry, it’s a gun confiscation and then genocide. See Soviet Union, Turkey & the Armenians, Germany and the Jews, China, Guatemala, Uganda, Cambodia, and Cuba.

Did we miss something?

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