Gun Owners Radio backs the blue and believes we need well-trained officers that have strong relationships with the communities in which they serve.

To help accomplish this goal, we created the Law Enforcement Training Scholarship.  The GlockStore has generously partnered to help generate interest and awareness to help law enforcement attend top-notch training with John Correia from Active Self Protection.

Scholarship awardees will receive an all-access pass to the events of Cover Your ASP Week:

  1. Ticket to the 21 Lessons Learned Webinar
  2. Ticket to the Meet & Greet Happy Hour at Academi Southwest
  3. Ticket to the 2-day Evidence Based Live Fire Training at Academi Southwest


Law Enforcement has very different motivations and constraints than civilian firearm owners. Active Self Protection also has a heart for law enforcement, and all law enforcement attendees will get to attend:

Private Law Enforcement Workshop with John Correia

Scholarship Application Form


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