0:00 – Intro
9:30 – NotMESD hits 400! KPBS
16:38 – Special guest Massad Ayoob: Top myths about guns pushed by Hollywood
48:47 – Kevlar-wearing Dear
48:47 – Battling the scourge of rogue gun dealers
48:47 – F-15’s & Nuclear bombs
1:05:20 – Who is David Chipman and Why Should You Care?
1:17:07 – Gear Review: Bravo Concealment Torsion Holster IWB
1:32:29 – What did 2A activism typically look like before SDCGO?
1:47:24 – Stump My Nephew: What did The Daisy Outdoor company sell before BB Guns?
1:52:45 – Orange County Gun Owners meeting updates
1:57:42 – Outro, Sponsors

NotMESD hits 400! Wendy Hauffen Chief Executive Officer / Program Director aired on KBPS.

June’s theme is HOLLYWOOD, and on the line is a legendary trainer and Second Amendment thought leader, MASSAD AYOOB, to chat about Hollywood’s influence on the gun debate.

Threat Management for Responsible Armed Citizens

Biden’s gun control plan will totally help keep people safer while honoring the second amendment not!

Before being nominated to head the AFT, nobody knew who David Chipman was. Why do Second Amendment groups hate this guy?

GEAR REVIEW: Bravo Concealment Torsion Holster IWB

GUN OWNERS RADOP MEMBER DISCOUNT: 10% – You gotta be a member!

What did 2A activism typically look like before SDCGO? The fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment is a BIG ONE. Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what the difference is between all the different Second Amendment organizations. What makes Gun Owners Radio different?

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What did The Daisy Outdoor company sell before BB Guns?

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