0:00 – Intro
0:34 – 2A Updates from Gun Owners Radio
9:29 – YouTuber Reno May
34:29 – Mike & Keith from the Gun Experiment
45:51 – Get-A-Grip: The Witch is Dead – Biden Withdraws Chipman Nomination
54:51 – Gear Review: SSP Eyewear’s Top Focal Protective Eyewear 1:06:50 – NotMeSD: Women Helping Women Become Responsible Gun Owners
1:19:42 – Stump My Nephew: What’s the difference between 9mm parabellum and 9mm luger?
1:25:54 – Mike Drop: San Diego City Council (Ban 80% Gun Kits)

Catch up with the crew on what’s happening in San Diego’s Second Amendment ecosystem – Wendy Chao Hauffen guest hosts! Learn about our Law Enforcement Training Scholarship, our interview with Stephen Willeford, the California Recall Election, and our Second Amendment Celebration Dinner.





Just a dude in California who likes guns and cameras! Reno May is our special guest!


Welcome, Mike & Keith from the Gun Experiment Podcast!


Get-A-Grip with Joe Drammissi: The Witch is Dead – Biden Withdraws Chipman Nomination


If you have trouble focusing on your front sight, watch Joe Drammissi’s Gear Review of SSP Protective Eyewear’s Top Focal Kit. SSP Eyewear may have the solution just for you.


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Stump My Nephew: What’s the difference between 9mm parabellum and 9mm luger?

Just another law that turns responsible gun owners into criminals. Watch Wendy’s Mike Drop on San Diego City Council’s ENUF ordinance that bans 80% Gun Kits. Thank you, Councilmember Chris Cate for standing up against this ridiculous law.

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