Have you heard of ONE MILLION MOMS AGAINST GUN CONTROL? Mary Callison joins the show and shares how they’re battling Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action to protect MOM’s self defense rights! Learn about her gut-wrenching story that drives her 2nd Amendment activism.  Find out more about 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control:

Bill Desy’s company CCWUSA, was one of the sponsors for COVER YOUR ASP WEEK last month. The interesting was that Bill, one of San Diego’s TOP trainers, was also a STUDENT at the 2 day class! Find out why this isn’t that unusual in the training world. Register & take a class with Bill on his website:

What does institutional racism have to do with guns? Listen to the 5:00 segment as Mike & Dave discuss Mike’s latest article that was published in San Diego’s Union Tribute, “Opinion: New gun control laws are a form of institutional racism. Here’s why.”

Home of Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and Diane Feinstein! Guess what you can get in SAN FRANCISCO now? BELIEVE IT OR NOT: CONCEALED CARRY WEAPONS PERMITS! Dr Raymond Kim joins the show to talk about this amazing news.  Do you live in San Francisco County and want to exercise your constitutionally protected right to self defense?  Download the CCW application here:

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What caliber is an M26?

MIKE DROP: Mara Elliot, Part DUH

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