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About Gun Owners Radio

It’s time to have fun on Gun Owners Radio! San Diego and Orange County’s fastest-growing weekly radio talk show devoted to empowering you, the current (or future) gun owner! News, interesting subjects, and cool new products you can use. GO Radio keeps you informed on new laws, lawsuits, how you can get involved to protect and preserve your rights to keep and bear arms, local and national political leaders, and fun, fun and more fun! Yes, we are YOUR radio show devoted to gun owners. Stay connected, listen every week to GO Radio. Keeping you excited, connected and informed on a wide range of matters is what radio hosts Dave Stall, Michael Schwartz, and Joe Drammissi do!



Dave Stall is a well-known local radio and television personality. Dave is a 30 plus – year car industry professional and shooting sports enthusiast. His goal is to educate the public about the wide variety of opportunities to participate in the local shooting sport scene. Currently, he writes for the North County Times and the East County Californian, does a consumer and road test show on local television news as well as hosting 3 automotive related radio shows. Dave takes a straightforward and easy to understand approach, while sharing their listener’s enthusiasm for the shooting sports.


Michael A. Schwartz is the Executive Director for San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO). SDCGO is a political organization that focuses on Second Amendment issues at the local level. SDCGO is changing the face of gun ownership by getting volunteers involved in local level activism and outreach. Michael is passionate about Second Amendment rights, and a true leader in preserving gun rights through action. He has helped launch Orange County Gun Owners, Riverside County Gun Owners, and San Bernardino County Gun Owners. Get involved, have some fun, and make a difference.


Joe Drammissi is a Board Member of San Diego County Gun Owners. Joe is the author of the majority of articles on our blog and is producing some of the best Second Amendment content on the internet. He loves doing gear reviews and is a committed concealed carrier. He shoots competitively and has been to courses at Front Sight and Gun Sight.

Team members

Dave Stall – Host

Michael Schwartz – Host

Joe Drammissi – Author, Product Review Specialist

Melissa Lee – Product Review Specialist

Rich Yumul – Executive Producer


Gun Owners Radio is owned by Gun Owners Media, LLC which is itself owned by Dave Stall, Rich Yumul, and the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC.