Are you a member of San Diego County Gun Owners, Riverside County Gun Owners, San Bernardino County Gun Owners, or Orange County Gun Owners?  Members get discounts on training with our nation’s top instructors.  Learn from Dutch Moyer, who’s coming to San Diego on May 1 & 2.  Give Dutch a call to register for his intermediate pistol and rifle class, or take both! Members get a 10% discount.

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What race has the highest rate of CCW permits? How about gender? Joe Drammissi did the research, find out what he discovered.

An Orthodox Jew with an UN-orthodox passion for the 2nd Amendment! Dispelling the notion that ALL JEWS ARE ANTI-GUN, Yehuda Remer, aka the PEW PEW JEW, joins the show. Get your kosher gear here:

Craig Rosenstein, founder of AZ Defenders, studied the BEST STATES for GUN OWNERS in 2021. Alaska was first, followed by Arizona and Wyoming. Can you guess where California is ranked?  Check the rankings here:

Have you had a chance to shoot a Winchester 1300? Manufacturing of the 1300 stopped in 2006. Find out why it still has a strong fanbase 15 years later with Joe Drammissi.

GEAR REVIEW! LADIES! How do you carry your gun while running? It’s still important to be your own first responder when you’re working out! Melissa invites Amy Robbins, the founder of Alexo Athletica to talk about their concealed carry running shorts for women!  Check out the video to see how they fit with Melissa’s fitness model, Monique Hawk! Get a pair of shorts yourself with a 10% discount when you use GOR10 on

HR 127 creates a lot of bureaucratic red tape and restricts the rights of lawful gun owners. Listen to Yucaipa City Council’s Jon Thorp on how they REJECTED the legislation and worked with their congressman against this unconstitutional bill.

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What was the first weapon that could reasonably be identified as a gun?

MIKE DROP: The Virtuous Stephen Whitburn

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