Journalistic Irresponsibility and Firearms

It’s been said that one never realizes just how uninformed the typical journalist is until he or she covers a topic with which the reader is familiar. Bestselling novelist Michael […]

State of the Second Amendment

Independence Day is a time for everyone in the United States to celebrate this country’s proud history and reflect on how it came to be. For Second Amendment activists, part […]

Open Carry is Stupid

Introduction As of the writing of this blog post, 31 states allow open carry without a permit; 15 more allow open carry but have some stipulations and special requirements attached. […]

The Ethics of Collecting Milsurp

Introduction In past blog posts, I have shown off some military surplus (“milsurp”) firearms from my personal collection. The hobby of collecting can be a fascinating pursuit within the broader […]

Check Out This Gun: Turkish Mauser

On a recent episode of Gun Owners Radio, we briefly discussed the standard long arm of the Ottoman Empire in World War I: the Mauser bolt-action rifle. As I mentioned […]

Obituary for the NRA

Here lies the National Rifle Association; born November 17th, 1871; faded into irrelevance June 1st, 2023. The oldest and largest self-proclaimed pro-Second-Amendment organization is survived and succeeded by the Gun […]

“Concealed Carry Killers” Debunked

How useful are firearms for personal protection? It’s an important question. Self-defense is one of the most important justifications we have for the right to keep and bear arms; we […]

Check Out This Gun: Last-Ditch Type 99

Introduction During my segment at the end of yesterday evening’s episode of Gun Owners Radio, the discussion turned toward the Imperial Japanese Army’s standard long arm during World War II: […]

The Legacy of Ruby Ridge

Everyone knows about the Ruby Ridge incident. Even those of us who weren’t alive in 1992 when it occurred know the story: federal agents entrapped Randy Weaver on administrative firearm […]