0:43 – MAGNUM LIVE with Jack Wilson
10:19 – Measure. Refine. Perform… with Brian Hill
35:29 – Melissa Lee’s Holiday Gift Guide for Gun Owners
44:55 – GET A GRIP: The Nanny State & CCW’s
54:03 – Top Shot Jamie Franks on Alec Baldwin
1:06:50 – Gun Prom recap with SDCGO CEO Wendy Hauffen

1:19:51 – STUMP MY NEPHEW: What’s a riot gun?


What if you had to defend your church from a mass murderer? Join Gun Owners Radio’s first LIVE MAGNUM Interview with Jack Wilson, the man that was called on to stop a massacre in White Settlement, Texas. The live interview will be at 6:00 pm PST on Thursday, November 11, 2021.

Join the live stream on http://youtube.com/gunownersradio or at http://facebook.com/gunownersradio

Do you feel like there’s more than just firearms training in being a well-rounded self defender? Listen to the interview with Brian Hill and learn what it means to be a complete combatant.

“We tend to look at the thing trying to kill us.”


Do you have a gun owner to shop for? Find the perfect gift and watch Melissa Lee’s holiday gift-giving guide for gun owners!

https://theneomag.com/shop-neomag/ – GUNOWNERSRADIO10
https://grizzly-ears.com/ – MEL20
https://3vgear.com – MEL15
https://www.cancanconcealment.com/collections/sport-belt-holster-hero – GOR15

Do you believe gun owners should be required to take training? Listen to Joe Drammissi’s segment on how his position evolved after chatting with Chris Cheng and Ursula Williams in an earlier episode. Read Joe’s article below:


What is it really like on a Hollywood set when filming a scene with guns? Top Shot competitor, instructor, and ‘The Dark Knight’ extra, Jamie Franks shares what it’s like filming a scene with firearms.

Were you able to attend the Second Amendment Celebration Dinner? Get the low-down from the master-mind that organized the event, SDCGO’s CEO, Wendy Hauffen! Save the Date for next year’s #GunProm!!! June 18, 2022.

View the photos from the event on FaceBook: San Diego County Gun Owners

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What’s a riot gun?

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