Why is the news always slanted when it comes to guns?

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When it comes to guns, new ‘articles’ are often really advocacy journalism pieces versus straight reporting of the facts. Deputy Editor of Leatherneck Magazine, Nancy Lichtman, critiques the opinion piece from the Business Insider discussed in the last episode. Find out why she calls the ‘article’ a ‘glorified book report.’

Do you know what reactionary zones are?

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Awareness gives you time and time gives you options. How you respond to a threat when they’re 25 feet away versus 6 feet away is very different. Learn about the nuances of distance and self-defense with Shelley Hill from the Complete Combatant! PRIZE ALERT: Attend a Reactionary Zones class for

HR1808: More bad ideas exported from California

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Were you surprised too when the house passed an ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ after NYSRPA v Bruen? Support Gun Owners Radio & help us keep local politicians accountable on your Second Amendment Rights. Excerpt from Episode 312: July 31, 2022

Gun Owners Radio Destroys Business Insider

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Why is there so much misinformation in the media now? The crew takes apart an article by Alia Shoaib from the Business Insider. See the opinion piece masquerading as reporting yourself: Excerpt from Episode #311 July 14 2022

Combating mass violence in Poway: See Something Say Something

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Steve Vaus, the mayor of Poway, founded a new program as an early-warning system to combat mass violence. Studies have shown 90% of perpetrators exhibit warning signals before committing violence against innocents. Known as the Poway Alert line, this early warning system bridges the gap between intervening when somebody is