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Magazine Ban Updates, Tactical Medicine & Gunsite Academy

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California Magazine Ban update (Duncan vs. Becerra) Brian Allendorf from Academi on Tactical Medicine Jason Stevens from the Gun Range San Diego Ken Campbell from Gunsite Academy Champion Safes at AO Sword & Magazine Ban Part 2 STUMP MY NEPHEW: Which is more powerful? 9mm or 38?

Stephen P Halbrook; San Diego County Sheriff Gore on CCW’s

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Stephen P. Halbrook, author of "The Founders' Second Amendment" Loading your own ammo with Jason from the Gun Range San Diego The NRA - In Support of an Imperfect Organization San Diego County Sheriff Gore and CCW's - Thank you Sheriff Gore & Undersheriff Barnett! Good Cause Statements What is the difference between a

Defense Against Mobs; War Hogg Tactical

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Shooting Socials Gun Prom rescheduled to October 3, 2020 CCW's in San Diego Supreme Court on 2nd Amendment Cases SDCGO Blog: Defense Against Mobs Rick Hogg from War Hogg Tactical, Inc. Champion Safes at AO Sword What's the difference between a C7 and an M16?