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Episode #226: Interviews with Leaders the 2A Community

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Sometimes we want to explore topics in more depth. Enter the MAGNUM series: no commercial interruptions, no limits. Watch the first MAGNUM episode of Gun Owners Radio with David Brown from Shooters Union Australia, where Michael and David compare notes living under fierce gun control. Learn why Australia is watching the Georgia Senate elections. 

Johnny B: Guns & Cats

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Have your registered for Cover Your ASP Week yet?  Register now before price increases on December 4! Johnny Appalachia, aka Johnny B from YouTube and PewPewTactical joins the show to talk about cat reviews. Yes, cat reviews. He also shares a little bit of behind-the-scenes of what's going on with Black Rifle

The 2nd Amendment is on the Ballot November 3rd – How Will You Vote?

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With the presidential election only weeks away, we find the Second Amendment (2A) prominently on the ballot. The positions of each candidate regarding the Constitution in general, and the 2A in particular, are starkly disparate. The results of this election could change the direction of the country even more profoundly than the 2016 election did. […]

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