How to Level Up Your Skills with Competition Shooting

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SAVE THE DATE! Gun Owners Radio is proud to announce we will be hosting screenings of the movie, 'The Plot Against the President,' directed by Amanda Milius.  There will be a screening on June 10, 2021 in Orange County and a screening on June 11, 2021 in

An Interview with the Intrepid Seth Jahn

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The US Soccer Federation fired Seth Jahn for expressing his belief against kneeling during the National Anthem. How deep have the tentacles of cancel culture gotten where a US Army Special Ops veteran, a counter-poacher, and a counter-human trafficker, and a US National Team Captain is removed for believing US

Protecting the 2A in Yucaipa with Jon Thorp

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HR 127 creates a lot of bureaucratic red tape and restricts the rights of lawful gun owners. Listen to Yucaipa City Council's Jon Thorp on how they REJECTED the legislation and worked with their congressman against this unconstitutional bill.Like, Subscribe, and Share to help us get to 1K followers on YouTube!

Violence Against Asian Americans: A Roundtable Discussion

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Gun Owners Radio hosts a roundtable discussion on the causes and possible solutions around the recent rise in violence against Asian Americans. The speakers include: Wendy Hauffen, COO of San Diego County Gun Owners https://www.sdcgo.org Karen Wood, Executive Director of Riverside County Gun Owners http://riversidecountygunowners.com/ Joey / 9mm.musashi, Bay Area law

HR 8

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Mike & the crew discuss HR 8, the bill that just passed the house requiring background checks for all gun buyers and extend the time the FBI has to vet those flagged by the National Instant Check System. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE to help us make 2A Activism easy! Subscribe

Talking about Orange County’s Special Election with Trent Butler

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Orange County Gun Owners Board Member Trent Butler joins the show to talk about the special election in Orange County. Are you a member yet? Join OCGO: https://orangecountygunowners.com/join/ LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE to help us make 2A Activism easy! Subscribe to the Gun Owners Radio newsletter: https://www.gunownersradio.com/subscribe Excerpt from Episode

PRO 2A Aliso Viejo City Council Member Mike Munzing

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Interview with Mike Munzing, recently re-elected city council member from Aliso Viejo and lung transplant recipient. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE TO SUPPORT THE 2A in CA Don't forget to hit that alarm button to get notified when we upload new content. Clip from Episode 229: Dec 29, 2020