Aim to miss behave with firearm instructor Emily Chen

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4th Circuit Court, out of Virginia, ruled that an adult under 21 can own a firearm. Two steps forward, one step back. Good, adults can own a firearm, Assault Weapon Decision, More than 20 states are Constitutional Carry. The bad, San Jose gun tax, the assault weapon

Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association Launch Announcement!

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Time Codes: 0:00 - Intro 2:10 - Kick Britain's butt day: In studio intro’s Amy Dillon, Patrick Lopez, 3:25 - Stump My Nephew: What was a "culverin" GUN? 10:28 - Call in guest: Top Shot Chris Cheng 14:30 - Problem Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association solves

‘Top Gun’ myths pushed by Hollywood with guest Massad Ayoob

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TIME CODES: 0:00 - Intro 9:30 - NotMESD hits 400! KPBS 16:38 - Special guest Massad Ayoob: Top myths about guns pushed by Hollywood 48:47 - Kevlar-wearing Dear 48:47 - Battling the scourge of rogue gun dealers 48:47 - F-15’s & Nuclear bombs 1:05:20 - Who is

“Red Dawn” the most patriotic film of all time

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Without the movie, RED DAWN, San Diego County Gun Owners, and Gun Owners Radio might never have existed. Fellow WOLVERINE, Jamie Franks, US Navy Veteran and competitive shooter on History Channel's 'Top Shot' takes us down memory lane and recalls how the John Milius film Red Dawn

“If looks could kill”, conceal carry clothing for the modern woman

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TIME CODES 0:00 - Intro 1:30 - Bonta’s appeal against Assault Weapons Ban 3:15 - Still need to keep our AR’s compliant w/ CA restrictions 10:46 - Amy talks about her line of conceal carry clothing for the modern woman on the go 22:41 - Amy Robbins

Amanda Milius Interview on the Andrea Kaye Show

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Listen to the Interview Listen to Amanda's interview on the Andrea Kaye Show from June 8, 2021. Buy tickets now to go to an exclusive private screening of "The Plot Against the President" on June 11, 2021 at the Legacy Center in Mission Valley. Enjoy a VIP reception, the movie, a

Exposing ‘The Plot Against the President’ with Director, Amanda Milius

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Huge win for the second amendment in the Miller vs Bonta case! John Dillon, the attorney on the case is on the line to talk about this victory. If you have legal matters that involve firearms, then you need to call attorney John Dillon. Red flag laws,