Mike Johnson Palomares for Escondido City Council

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Mike Johnson, director of SDMUST, is running for Escondido City Council!  Endorsed by San Diego County Gun Owners, get to know this community leader.  Karla Talley, from Inland Empire Gun Owners also joins the show to talk about the Inland Empire Gun Prom and their voter guide.

Vote for Amanda Suffecool for NRA Board of Directors

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Whether you support the NRA or not, it is the biggest organization that advocates for Gun Owners' rights. Amanda Suffecool joins the show to talk about her campaign to join the NRA Board of Directors. TIME CODES: Be cool & VOTE Suffecool for the NRA Board Ratchet

Learn How to Shoot at Home with Fortified Measures

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Are you confident with your home defense plan? Sometimes it’s difficult figuring out how to apply the lessons learned at the range in your home.  Perry Yee founded Fortified Measures to solve that problem.  TIME CODES: 1:00 - Destined to fail: SB 918 9:24 - Firearm Training

Teaching Women about Guns Across the Nation

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Females are learning firearms for personal defense more and more across the nation. Founder of Legally Armed in Detroit, Rick Ector, has trained women for FREE for the last 11 years.  Local firearms instructor, Alisha Curtin also joins the show to talk about her experience as one

How does HR 1808 pass the house after NYSRPA v Bruen?

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California exports more unconstitutional gun control laws in the form of HR 1808, the Assault Weapons Ban. How will NYSRPA v Bruen affect this blatantly unconstitutional legislation?  TIME CODES: 1:35 - HR1808: More bad ideas exported from California 9:58 - Do you know what reactionary zones are?

CCW Holder Destroys Mass Murderer & Gun Control Argument in Indiana

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Eli Dicken’s courage and marksmanship have been the talk of the Second Amendment world over the last week. 1.5 - 3 Million times per year a person uses a firearm in a defensive manner. Find out with Mike, Joe, & Dave take away from the latest  TIME