California Gun Owners November 2022 Voter Guides

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Want to help defend and restore your Second Amendment rights in California? You can help preserve your self defense rights by voting for our vetted and endorsed pro-gun candidates in San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County (Inland Empire). Share the voter guide

Second Amendment Activism on the Front Lines

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San Diego County Board member Eliot Kaagan talks about the Gun Shops & Table Tops program. Ranger Cortes drops in to talk about what he’s been up to, and Alisha Curtin discusses the nuances of the different training available to new gun owners. TIME CODES: 1:08 -

Mike Johnson Palomares for Escondido City Council

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Mike Johnson, director of SDMUST, is running for Escondido City Council!  Endorsed by San Diego County Gun Owners, get to know this community leader.  Karla Talley, from Inland Empire Gun Owners also joins the show to talk about the Inland Empire Gun Prom and their voter guide.

Vote for Amanda Suffecool for NRA Board of Directors

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Whether you support the NRA or not, it is the biggest organization that advocates for Gun Owners' rights. Amanda Suffecool joins the show to talk about her campaign to join the NRA Board of Directors. TIME CODES: 9:24 - Be cool & VOTE Suffecool for the NRA