0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Sheriff Alex Villanueva on CCW’s in Los Angeles County
22:26 – Gear Review: NeoMag – A Minimalist’s Concealable Pocket Magazine Holder
34:48 – Declaring San Clemente a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City with Councilman Gene James
46:17 – The Case Against Bump Stocks
55:54 – Tactical Emergency Casualty Care from Academi Southwest
1:07:59 – Active Self Protection Instructor Training with Wendy Hauffen
1:20:42 – Stump My Nephew: What does SIG stand for in Sig Sauer?
1:26:34 – Mike Drop: El Cajon City Council
1:30:45 – Outro

Sheriff Alex Villanueva joins the show to talk about the multiple challenges he has faced and how he has improved the CCW process in L.A county.

Owner of NeoMag and inventor Graig Davis talks about his ingenious magnetic pocket magazine holder, sentry strap/scout sling, billeted aluminum EDC trays, and more.

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San Clemente declared itself a second amendment sanctuary city thanks to the efforts of City Councilman Gene James.


Joe’s talk explains why a lawsuit to save this plastic accessory used by a small percentage of gun owners is so important in this week’s blog review, “The Case Against Bump Stocks”.


To continue our theme this month, here from Academi Southwest is Brian Allendorf to talk about the difference between TCCC, Tactical Combat Casualty Care and TECC, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Which one’s for you?


Did you know our friends at Active Self Protection also provide instructor training? Our very own Wendy Chou Hauffen has returned from their class to tell us about her experience.


Stump my Nephew: What does SIG stand for in Sig Sauer?

Mike Drop: El Cajon City Council

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