Shout outs to the San Diego Pinoy Gun Club! The 2nd Amendment is for everybody and we’re happy to see other group grow that are also dedicated to the safe, responsible use of firearms.

John Correia from Active Self Protection joins the show to talk about the COVER YOUR ASP WEEK coming up in March.  Are you going?  Get your tickets now!

John & Mike also talk about the Law Enforcement Training Scholarship, to help police, sheriffs, border patrol, or any other law enforcement officer get world-class training with Active Self Protection.  Help a cop, win a Glock!

Iain Harrison, British Army veteran, competitive shooter and editor of RECOIL magazine talks about immigrating from England, Top Shot, and becoming the editor of Recoil Magazine.  SDCGO members get a discount on Recoil!

Have you heard about HR 127 yet? Another thought-provoking discussion on Joe’s recent blog post.

Can a trained woman in martial arts realistically defend herself against a man with ill intent? Mike shares a bit of the upcoming MAGNUM interview with with Cung Le.

Morgan Ballis, SDCGO board member and founder of Defensive Tactics and Firearms LLC stops by to share the work he’s doing to make schools safer and the K12 Keynote Conference.

STUMP MY NEPHEW: If I have a Ruger Redhawk in .454 Casull, what other caliber can I use in my revolver and why?

MIKE DROP: Kevin Faulconer – Good Enough?

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