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October 6, 2022

Custom Slides with TWOSEE

Mike talks about the Miller v Bonta 2 case, where the CA DOJ attempts to suppress lawsuits to protect the Second Amendment by bankrupting litigants. Rebecca Schmoe shares her story from crossing from 2A activist to campaigning for District office. Leslie Schneider talks about Patriot Assist. Alisha reviews the Odin Holster. Tu Nguyen, from joins the show to talk about custom slides.

0:17 – SAF & SDCGO battles California law that suppresses Gun Lawsuits
5:30 – From 2A Activist to Candidate: Rebecca Schmoe
28:55 – Helping Vets with Patriot Assist
40:40 – Odin Holster Gear Review
50:20 – Custom Slide Milling with TWOSEE
1:14:30 – What is a Volcano Pistol?

The Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and San Diego County Gun Owners filed a suit against the California law that seeks to bankrupt the plaintiffs in lawsuits to defend and restore the Second Amendment. Want to be a member of the lawsuit? join San Diego County Gun Owners!

Rebecca Schmoe is a well-known leader in the Second Amendment community. Rebecca is a board member for 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control and the Kansas Director for the DC Project. She’s now running for US Congress!

“If you cannot find a good representative, run to be the representative.”

Get to know this fierce 2A advocate who is stepping up and campaigning to be the representative for Kansas’ House District 59!

Support Rebecca on her website:

Veterans often don’t get the support they deserve. Patriot Assist fixes that! Learn more about Patriot Assist with Leslie Jacoway.

People have different body shapes, different guns, and different carry methods. That’s why finding the perfect holster is a never-ending journey. Have you tried Odin Holster’s products yet? Listen to Alisha’s review and see if an Odin Holster is for you.


Get an Odin Holster from their website:

Have you ever considered switching over to an red-dot? Maybe you are a competitive shooter and want some custom slide cuts? Learn more about custom slide milling with Tu Nguyen from

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