Do you have a safe space to store your guns in a crisis?

What if you needed a safe place to store your guns?  Maybe you’re going on vacation, on deployment, or through a personal crisis.  What if you didn’t have a trusted friend or family member?  Sarah Joy Albrecht from has the solution for you.

  • 0:43 – 9th Circuit Orders Pause In The California Magazine Ban Ruling! What does that mean?
  • 9:32 – Safe storage solutions for gun owners in crisis with Hold My Guns
  • 34:46 – Should you get a battle belt?
  • 45:39 – GET-A-GRIP: What’s coming in 2022 for gun owners
  • 54:29 – East Side vs West Side: Which coast has the worst gun control?
  • 1:19:42 – STUMP MY NEPHEW: Other than its manual safety, what made the British Webley-Fosbery revolver unique?
  • 1:28:27 – YOU DON’T KNOW JACK’son

Do you have trouble translating the legalese too? Uncle Mike translates the recent 9th circuit ruling on the California Magazine Ban.  

Did owners of legally obtained normal-capacity magazines become criminals?

What can you do with your guns if you are going thru a personal crisis and don’t want to lose your 2nd Amendment rights? Sarah Joy Albrecht started Hold My Guns to help people in this situation. 

Learn more about Hold My Guns at


Do you have a battle belt yet?  Find out how Kore Essentials puts its innovative spin onto this key piece of equipment for gunfighters.

East vs West: Which coast is more hostile to gun owners? Poet, scholar, and a fine judge of whiskey, John Petrolino joins the show to compare notes with the crew.

Read more of John’s articles on Ammoland:

STUMP MY NEPHEW: Other than its manual safety, what made the British Webley-Fosbery revolver unique?

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