Huge win for the second amendment in the Miller vs Bonta case! John Dillon, the attorney on the case is on the line to talk about this victory. If you have legal matters that involve firearms, then you need to call attorney John Dillon. Red flag laws, gun registration, gun transportation, or maybe you need to know that your guns are California compliant. John Dillon specializes in California gun laws.

Director, Amanda Milius gives her insights into the future of movies and conservative new media. She talks about the private screening of her recent documentary ‘The Plot Against the President’ that played in Orange County and San Diego last week.

Kevin Greb owner of Waco Tactical Fitness takes shooting sports to the next level! For the extreme sports fan in the audience, this next segment is for you! Waco Tactical Fitness is a non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting and hosting youth marksmanship activities. The Central Texas location and excellent facilities make this an ideal venue for standard rifle matches as well as biathlon competitions.

When you start carrying for self-defense, your gear evolves with you. This week, Joe re-visits the topic of EDC Gun belts and why you should buy one.

Talk about what kind of ear protection you own. Is it hard getting good cheek weld on a rifle? Does it make it uncomfortable when it’s hot? Well, Melissa has an ear pro review of Grizzly Ears!

With Liberty and COFFEE for all! Red White & Brew Coffee Co. looks forward to sharing our love for this great nation and its number one morning beverage! We are proud to serve coffee locally roasted right here in the Carolinas and warm Kolaches on the go!

SAM THE GUN MAN – What distinguishes the Serbian M70 from Kalashnikov style rifles?

MIKE DROP: Governor Newsom loves gun rights!

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