Gun Owners Symposium is coming on October 22 & 23! Admission is FREE with San Diego gun show admission! ($15)

Family Guide to the San Diego Gun Show

The San Diego Gun Show is a family-friendly event.

The Second Amendment is all about your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. So why not bring your loved ones?

Bring the your significant other, bring the kids, and bring the grandchildren! Kids under 12 are free.

There’s lots of fun stuff for the whole family!

Take the kids to the Kids Firearm Safety 1 Class

When it comes to firearms, the first thing is always SAFETY. Bring the children to Derek LeBlanc’s Kids Firearm Safety 1 class. Offered on both days, this class from the Kids Safe Foundation is recommended for kids 5 & up. Parents must attend with the child. This 1-hour class is free with admission, and each student receives a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course!

Stop by the BB Gun Range

Also hosted by the Kids Safe Foundation, kids can put their new safety skills into practice at the BB Gun Range! What a fun way to learn about safety and marksmanship!

Wilde Built Tactical sponsored the BB Gun Range, so please show them your support and sign up for their email list.

Test your skills at the Virtual Firearm Simulator

Test your skills in Shore Shot Oceanside’s immersive simulator experience. More than just a video game where you simply shoot as fast as you can, the simulator tests your decision making skills when you’re under pressure. Try it out at the San Diego Gun Show!

Take an In-Person Class

If you time it right, maybe your significant other can take the kids for an hour and you can take a course from Mike & Erin Pettengill, USCCA certified trainers from the Personal Protection Academy.  A variety of classes are offered around medical training, firearm proficiency, and specialty courses. All of the courses are approximately 50 minutes.

Under the medical training topic, you can get your CPR AED certification from the Red Cross.  You can also take the STOP THE BLEED course, an essential class for gun owners.  If you’re learning how to poke holes, you should also learn how to patch them up. Also offered is a course on how to build a medical kit.

For the cost-conscious, the dry fire course is a great way to learn how to improve your shooting skills without the cost of ammo. CCW permit holders (or people interested in getting their CCW) would be well off to enroll in the Handgun Mastery or the Drawing from a Holster class.

A specialty course just for real estate agents is also offered, appropriately names Real Estate Agent Safety.  Real estate agents often meet strangers in strange places at strange times.  They should be educated and prepared to be able to defend themselves.

A course for church or synagogue security teams is also offered: How to identify a public threat. If you are, or if you know somebody that serves in a security team, this is a great course.

Enjoy a Symposium Speaker

The Gun Owners Symposium features talks specifically for parents.

Gabe Eltaeb is a comic book artist that used to work for DC & Marvel, in a dream job. He quit and started his own comic book company when Superman turned woke. Learn about his story and how art is influencing your Second Amendment rights.

Sunday morning, Matthias Quellenberg will be talking about ‘How to responsibly raise kids with guns in the house. After Matthias, Derek LeBlanc will be talking about ‘Teaching the next generation to defend the 2A.’

Attend as many talks as you like, the Symposium presentations are included with the gun show admission.

There will be give aways (thank you Condor Outdoor!) and prize drawings, so you should make sure to attend at least one. USCCA will be bringing Gary Gibson to share the lessons learned from recent CCW cases in San Diego. Don’t miss out!

Also enjoy a cup of free Red White & Bad Ass Brew coffee!

Take a look at the Symposium schedule and plan which talks you’re going to attend!

Take the family to see RED DAWN on the Big Screen!

Sponsored by the San Diego Libertarian Party, the evening includes beverages and concessions, as well as prizes and give aways!

People that purchase their tickets before February 27 will be entered in a prize drawing for a Mantis X10 Elite, a PrairieFire Pistol Class, a GPS Tactical Range Backpack, a free hour at Shore Shot Firearms Simulator and a Tuffy Portable Safe!.

We’ll also have a prize drawing that includes a Heritage Roughrider 22LR Revolver, generously donated by a SDCGO member, and MORE!

Buy your tickets now!

Donate Blood

The Second Amendment is all about defending and protecting life.  What better way to help save a life by donating a pint?

Organized by the San Diego Blood Bank, the Bloodmobile will be at the gun show on Saturday from 8-1pm. A lot of the exhibitors and sponsors have teamed up to put together a great goodie bag for the blood donors!

Schedule your donation here.

Visit the San Diego County Gun Owners table & Learn about NOTMESD

Stop by the San Diego County Gun Owners table and learn about what this organization is doing to protect and defend your Second Amendment rights. This is an active activist group, with lots of opportunities to participate and help educate and engage the community. Let’s face it, without your help, legislature will continue to chip and eat away your self defense rights. SDCGO makes activism easy!

The NOTMESD program is a program run by women, for women. Led by Desi Bergman, this program provides FREE assistance to any woman interested in learning how to use a firearm to protect herself against rape and domestic violence.

Buy a #NOTMECA raffle ticket to win an AR-15

#NOTMECA is raffling ten (10) AR-15’s that was generously donated by an SDCGO member in support of the organization. But a ticket and you could win your pick of 10 AR-15’s that includes optics.

Purchase discounted training at the Training Deal Table

Next to the San Diego County Gun Owners table, the Training Deal Table offers discounted training from the areas’ top instructors. These deals are exclusively available to gun show attendees. Training can be purchased for beginners, CCW holders, and even a Krav Maga course is available!

Browse the Exhibition floor

It is a gun show, right? Visit the gun shop tables and get to know your local gun shops. A lot of new pistols have been added to the California Gun Roster, so you can actually touch and feel modern firearms! There will be ammo, parts, collectibles, and more.

Due to restrictions from the City of San Diego, all the gun shops are exhibiting at the show as display only tables. No commerce will take place at the show. If you are interested in purchasing a firearm, you will need to take care of that transaction at the vendor’s shop.

Check out the Hot Rods and Sweet Rides!

Visit the mini car show to experience the unique blend of automotive engineering and craftsmanship, which parallels the precision and design found in firearms. This combined showcase offers an opportunity to explore two distinct hobbies that share a common appreciation for mechanical innovation and history.

Don’t forget to come back Sunday!

While the majority of the events are on Saturday, there’s still a lot to do and see. The family focused talks at Gun Owners Symposium take place on Sunday morning. Enjoy a burger in the lower plaza, sign up for the class you’ve been thinking about at the Training Deal Table, and enjoy hanging out with the Second Amendment community!

Buy your ticket now!

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