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January 3, 2021

Fighting for Women’s Self Defense Rights with the DC Project

Become a better self defender with John Correia on COVER YOUR ASP WEEK!  Learn more & buy tickets here.

  • Robyn Sandoval and Gina Roberts talk about how the DC Project is advocating for women’s self defense rights. There’s a growing number of mom’s that appreciate and want to exercise their right to self defense.
  • Darin Prince, owner of North County Shooting Center shares the story of how the Bullet Button was invented.
  • Put your Past in your Behind!  2020 is finally over!  Enjoy Joe Drammissi’s latest blog post on the SDCGO website:
  • STUMP MY NEPHEW: Which firearm went into production first? The Colt 1911 or the Winchester Model 12 shotgun?
  • MIC DROP: Do we have a sociopath on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors?

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