0:00 – Intro
0:47 – 360 CQD – aka Shooting like John Wick
10:30 – Fixing Election Integrity in California
45:50 – Bonnie Rotten: 3 Gun Competitor and Second Amendment Advocate
1:05:00 – The History of the M-16 with Author Sam Lichtman
1:30:52 – Outro

Jeff Johnsgaard, AO Sword’s new director of training shares some upcoming opportunities to learn about his 360 CQD system of gunfighting, a compressed platform that inspired the ‘John Wick’ style of shooting.



Mark Meuser rejoins the show, talking about election integrity, which is such a hot topic now. Learn the difference between voter fraud and voter suppression.

“4.5 Million people who were registered to vote, knew that they had a civic duty to vote, but simply decided not to vote because the Democrats were going to win anyways.”

Learn more about Mark and his campaign for US Senate at his website:


Alaina Hicks, aka Bonnie Rotten has become a real gun enthusiast and recently appeared on the cover of RECOIL Magazine. She talks to us about her new passion for 3-gun competition and shares a close encounter she had that motivated her to apply for her CCW.

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Published author, Sam Lichtman, also known as Sam the Gun Man calls in to talk about his recently published article “This is my Rifle, From the Hill Fights in Vietnam to Today: The History of the M16.” You can find the article in the October 2021 issue of Leatherneck Magazine, or online at the following link:


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