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April 17, 2022

Gun Culture 2.0 with Professor David Yamane

Why do gun people do what they do? Meet Professor David Yamane, sociology professor from Wake Forest University.  David joins the show to talk about his studies on gun culture and shares some of his experiences and insight.

– Guest Intro’s
– Biden’s Gun Control Propaganda Exposed (4:15-4:45)
– Ken Campbell & Gunsite Academy
– The evolution of Gun Culture with David Yamane
– SAM THE GUNMAN: Where can you get a gun license in exchange for a vasectomy?
– MIKE DROP: SHAME ON YOU, Colin Parent and Jack Shu

Kaylee Allen, survivor of the Saugus High School shooting, exposes the propaganda around President Biden’s recent proclamations around gun control. #notalaw

Joe Drammissi talks with Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite in Arizona. Did you know that Gunsite also offers Tactical Medicine and Edged Weapons classes? 

“The real seeds of Gun Culture 2.0 were in the 1960s, where we saw some interesting parallels, actually, to what we saw in 2020, which was a great deal of social unrest, social uncertainty, … and rising crime rates.” Get to know Professor David Yamane from Wake Forest University.

Stump my Nephew: Where can you get a gun license in exchange for a vasectomy?

MIKE DROP: SHAME ON YOU, Colin Parent and Jack Shu

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