1:33 – Judicial Ridiculousness on Normal-Capacity Magazine Ban Updates with John Dillon
10:56 – Mental Health, Gun Ownership, & History in Heels
36:20 – Fighting Veteran PTSD with Red White & Bad Ass Brew
45:49 – Get a Grip: Bump in the Night
55:57 – Build a Bolt Gun with RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison
1:06:50 – NOTMECA Updates with Desi Bergman
1:19:58 – Stump my Nephew: What’s a Mossberg .410 Repeater?

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Second Amendment Attorney John Dillon explains how the 9th Circuit once again threw all precedent and common sense out the window on their latest ruling on the normal-capacity magazine ban in California.

Ashley Hlebinsky, aka HistoryInHeels on the ‘gram, calls in to talk about being a part of the gun owners community when you have a diagnosed mental health condition. ““

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Dustin from Red White and Bad Ass Brew was in the studio to talk about his Whiskey Business (flavored coffee) and how they support organizations that fight veteran PTSD and depression.

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Have you created your home defense and emergency plan? Joe Drammissi talks about his latest article on substack which should hopefully incentivize you.


Do you have training in less-than-lethal weapons (pepper spray) or medical training?  Gun owners typically don’t focus on these aspects of gun ownership, but statistically, they’re way more likely to use these skills. Desi Bergman and Joe Drammissi recap some of the recent events for the women in the NotMeSD program.

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What’s a Mossberg .410 Repeater?

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