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The Law Enforcement Training Scholarship tickets are back online!  Eventbrite didn’t like that you could win a Glock for supporting the program and helping an officer get FREE training with John Correia.  Learn more and support the scholarship program! #backtheblue

Santee joins the chorus of leaders denouncing San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and calls for his resignation.

Amanda Suffecool from Eye on the Target Radio hangs out with Gun Owners Radio crew to talk about how she got into 2nd Amendment Activism and how she should really listen more to her brother.

Good Policy or Bad Policy? Or just funny? What do you think about Fenix Ammunition deciding to NOT sell to Biden voters?

Flee California to a Free State – A Good Plan?

@MellyMelSD invites Darlene from Can Can Concealment’s to talk about their newest product, the Sport Hero Compression Band.  Use code GOR15 for a 15% discount!  A holster for your gun, and pockets! More pockets for all your EDC gear.

Kevin Muldoon, Newport City Council member join the show for a segment to talk about his campaign for Orange County Board of Supervisors.

STUMP MY NEPHEW: Samantha Anne in Las Vegas, New Mexico: What is the difference between 6.5 Grendel type 1 vs type 2 ?

MIKE DROP: Frequent flyer on the drop: Nathan Fletcher.

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