How do you talk to people with ZERO knowledge about guns? Amy Dillon and Shakey Dave rejoin the show to share their experiences and suggestions on how to talk to people that are showing an interest in learning about firearms and self-defense.

0:00 – Guest Intros
8:48 – Talking to newbies & Gun Therapy with Amy Dillon & Shakey Dave
33:00 – Incognito Wear IX’s Lion + Lamb Review
45:02 – Get a Grip: Women on Target
53:39 – The Thrash-N-Raid story with Benjie Manibog

How do you talk to newbies about guns? Amy Dillon and Shakey Dave join the show in-studio to talk about how they smash stereotypes and engage with people just starting to learn about guns. Dave also shares his story about #GunTherapy, and how it has helped him combat Parkinson’s.

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Sometimes it’s difficult for women to conceal carry. Watch Melissa Lee’s review of Incognito Wear IX’s Lion + Lamb womens’ concealment top, with SPECIAL GUEST MODEL Amy Dillon. Stylish, comfortable, and concealed. Find more concealment solutions at Incognito Wear IX’s website:

How can new women gun owners learn about firearm safety and marksmanship? Get a grip with Joe Drammissi and learn about the Women on Target program. Slots fill up fast – sign up today with a friend!

Benjie Manibog went from meth skateboarder punk to a marine raider, to a USC MBA father of four leading multiple businesses. Learn about the awesome work he’s going helping to fight veteran suicide with #skateboard #therapy.

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