0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Bonta’s appeal against Assault Weapons Ban
3:15 – Still need to keep our AR’s compliant w/ CA restrictions
10:46 – Amy talks about her line of conceal carry clothing for the modern woman on the go
22:41 – Amy Robbins – How to combat the false narratives pushed by Hollywood
30:18 – Amy talks second amendment activism
39:18 – Guest John Cox: Newsom Recall, running for governor
56:34 – Joe Drammissi: Do Those Around You Know What to Do In a Critical Defense Incident?
1:07:05 – Gear Review: EDC Belts from Comfort Concealment
1:17:36 – San Diego private screening recap of the ‘Plot Against the President’
1:32:24 – Stump My Nephew: What kind of bullets get sharper and catch fire after piercing armor?
1:36:44 – Mike Drop: San Clemente City Council
1:40:40 – Outro

Alexo Athletica meets the need of many women that wants to feel fashionable while carrying in activewear. Alexo Athletica provides fashionable, functional carry wear that empowers women to defend themselves, and feel confident doing it. Amy Robbins CEO of Alexo Athletica an avid shooter and 2A Activist, she has hosted several national lifestyle TV shows, as well as being a model.


Gear Review: EDC Belts from Comfort Concealment

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