“If you value your CCW’s, if you value your guns, don’t vote for John Hemmerling. Don’t vote for John Hemmerling. Don’t vote for John Hemmerling.” Find out what John Hemmerling did this past week to threaten gun owners’ rights.

– Hemmerling Will Screw Up CCWs in San Diego
– Precision shooting when your heart rate is 180 BPM with Lanny “Oakley” Barnes
– Oakland Raiders vs Las Vegas Raiders & the Ukraine
– Is it still government by consent if the people can’t say ‘no’?
– Why GVRO’s are BAD, explained by Nikki Goeser
– What is a Makarov round?

Listen to Michael explain why your CCW could be in jeopardy if Republican candidate John Hemmerling gets elected.

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like being an Olympic biathlete? 3-time Olympic Biathlete, Chef, Professional 3-Gunner, Public Speaker and Artist, Lanny ‘Oakley’ Barnes shares some tips and dispels some myths about the most popular winter sport in Europe.

“When you look at places like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand…, like the United States, we’ve had our rights trampled in the name of this Covid thing and these emergency powers… That’s what the Second Amendment is there for, really. It’s the peoples’ ultimate way of saying ‘no’. “ Listen to the discussion around Joe Drammissi’s latest article on our rights.


Is it a big surprise that the actual data on crime shows that more guns in the hands of law-abiding people means less crime? Nikki Goeser, the Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center joins the show.

Even though her husband was murdered in front of her, listen to her story why she is still against gun violence restraining orders (GVRO’s). Support Nikki and her work at:


Read about her story:

Stump my Nephew: What is a Makarov round?

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