Founder of Medic Up Consulting, Ron Charrette talks about the importance of medical training and CCW’s in Los Angeles. Associate editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, Beth Alcazar shares her story of how she grew to be one of the 2A community’s key influencers. Leo Hamel not only gives you great deals on watches and jewelry, he also can help you improve your fitness at his new high-tech gym!

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10:01 – What do you do when 911 doesn’t answer?
34:27 – The Mick Jagger of 2A Blogging: Beth Alcazar
55:433 – How strength training helps you shoot better
1:19:18 – What gun was used for the prop for the Jawa characters in the original Star Wars movie?

Did you know 911 doesn’t always answer? Ron Charrette from Medic Up Consulting shares what’s going on in Los Angeles & why it’s so important to be trained to be your own first responder. 

Meet Beth Alcazar, the Mick Jagger of Second Amendment blogging!

Past the multiple health benefits, better fitness is makes you harder to kill. But did you know better strength also helps you shoot better? Learn about Leo Hamel’s high tech gym that gets you results in as little as two 20 minute sessions per week. 

Is it too good to be true? Schedule an appointment at Leo Fit Labs today and find out for yourself!  

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What gun was used for the prop for the Jawa characters in the original Star Wars movie?

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