Legendary author, trainer, and Second Amendment advocate, Massad Ayoob shares his thoughts on the relationship between the Second Amendment and the media.

0:40 – Gun Owners Radio exposes Gavin’s false premises
9:44 – Massad Ayoob on fire extinguishers and guns
35:20 – Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Idiocy Explained
56:39 – John Petrolino holds Hemmerling accountable
1:22:20 – What caliber is the next-generation squad weapon?
1:28:23 – Get-A-Grip: Tyranny and the Second Amendment

Mike & the crew exposes the false premises inherent in Gavin Newsom’s recent pearl clutching.

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People own a fire extinguisher in case of emergency. Citizens own firearms for the same reason – in case of emergency. Massad Ayoob talks about the best way to position gun ownership with the public and the media. The upcoming supreme court case in NYSRPA v Bruen is also discussed.

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Allen Chandler from Lonestar Firearm Defense explains the strategy behind the prosecutor’s bumbling and outrageous behavior in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.


John Petrolino, author of “Decoding Firearms,” shares the story behind his expose article on the anti-2A Sheriff’s candidate, John Hemmerling. When the San Diego Republican Party endorses candidates like Hemmerling, it’s no wonder the rest of the country shakes their head when it comes to California.

John also shares some great advice when talking to people first considering owning a gun.

Read more of John’s writings at https://johnpetrolino.com/

What caliber is the next-generation squad weapon?

Tyranny and the Second Amendment. Is it still government by consent if the people lose the ability to say no?


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