0:00 – Intro
0:35 – California Voted NO on Recall – Where to From Here?
9:46 – Nate Wilkinson – The Gun Drummer
34:37 – Online Medical Training with Dr. Rick Hammesfahr
46:07 – Firearm Purchases Continue at Record Pace With Women and Minorities Leading the Way
55:23 – Gear Review: Sentinel Concepts BLASTER BAG PRO
1:07:39 – Talking to the Police with John Dillon
1:21:00 – Stump My Nephew: Which pistol is the longest-running pistol in service?
1:27:16 – Mike Drop: Gavin Newsom
1:30:46 – Outro

The Recall on Governor Newsom failed – where to from here?

Meet Nate Wilkinson, just another guy that likes to play with his guns… but in a different way than you’re thinking.

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If you have trouble getting to a medical training course for gun owners, stick around to learn about some online options! Rick Hammesfahr, M.D., Medical Director, Tactical Medical Consulting joins the show to talk about the online course available with US Lawshield.

Every gun owner should have a range bag. Is the Blaster Bag Pro the one for you? Find out with Melissa Lee!

Talking to the Police – John Dillon explains when & how to talk to police in a friendly, respectful manner while not incriminating yourself.

Stump My Nephew: Which pistol is the longest-running pistol in service?

Mike Drop: Gavin Newsom


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