practical is tactical
Practical Is Tactical

Jason Martin is a CA POST, NRA and a USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor

  • Range Safety Officer (NRA)

  • Small Arms Instructor (CA POST, NRA and USCCA)

  • In Home Self Defense Instructor (NRA and USCCS)

  • Outside of the Home Concealed Carry Instructor (NRA and USCCA)

  • San Diego Sheriff Dept. Approved CCW Instructor

NRA Certificate # 6220572

I have been a life long firearms owner, hunter and learner. Growing up on a farm in rural MD having a firearm close by was a way of normal life. I learned to shoot from my father, who was a police officer and former Marine. My grandfather was an avid shooter, and reloader where I learned a lot of shooting techniques. At 18 I joined the Marine Corps as an 0313 Light Armored Infantry Marine. Upon completing my term of service in the Marines I attended college and began a career supporting the Dept. Of Defense. As a DOD contractor I ended up spending almost 5 years in Afghanistan. Upon returning from Afghanistan I took up getting certified in firearms training for the civilian world. I currently work part time at a local gun shop.

As with any trainer I am a constant learner. As I learn from industry experts I also learn from my students. And I believe that my students should embrace this mindset.

Most of us want training that will help in dealing with threats that we are most likely to encounter in our day to day lives. The objective is too not have to use a firearm, but be confident in our ability to do so. Its all a mindset so let’s work together to get you into that mindset.

At Practical is Tactical my approach is a no stress learning environment. I feel that we learn better in an interactive format where both the student(s) and instructor(s) are comfortable with one another and we can work together to learn and improve your abilities and confidence.

1032 South Main Avenue , Fallbrook, California 92028, United States