1:15 – Guest Intros
1:45 – Protecting Our Freedoms with Supervisor Jim Desmond
36:38 – Are we taking the high road with Alec Baldwin?
46:31 – GET A GRIP: Hollywood and Responsibility
56:36 – Gunfighter Tactical’s California Compliant AR Pistol
10:10:03 – A Nifty Success – The After Action Report of the RECOIL #56 NFT with Top Shot Chris Cheng
1:21:33 – Stump My Nephew: what is the Magpul fmXXX?

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Do you know who Jim Desmond is? Meet #SanDiego’s District 5 representative on the Board of Supervisors. Jim is a great example of leadership that we need and why it’s important to step up and support leaders like him.

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The tragic shooting on the set of ‘Rust’ with Alec Baldwin has been
dominating the conversation across the nation. Is the Second Amendment community leading by example?

Why is personal responsibility never promoted as the solution when tragic incidents like Alec Baldwin’s happens? Read Joe Drammissi’s article at:

You can buy a 100% LEGAL AR Pistol in California? Whaaaat???
Lee from Gunfighter Tactical talks about the Bandit, the AR pistol launched at #GunProm. Who else wants one?

How successful was the RECOIL #56 digital collectible auction? Friend of the show, Chris Cheng gives the after-action report of this first of firsts for the Second Amendment Community.

Stump My Nephew: what was the Magpul fmj9?

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