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July 17, 2022

Restoring Gun Culture in California

Join Mike, Joe and Dave as they talk about current Second Amendment topics and the battle for your right to protect yourself.

1:26 – Newsom passes ridiculous law allowing lawsuits against firearm manufacturers
9:29 – Ethan Jones from WEAPONRI Training & Tactics
33:49 – Tuffy Universal Portable Safe
46:17 – Is self-defense allowed in New York City?
55:02 – Alex Galicia for California State Senate District 18
1:07:33 – Combating mass violence in Poway: See Something Say Something
1:19:04 – What nautical equipment led Samuel Colt to the invention of a reliable multiple-shot revolver?

Feeling the pressure from NYSRPA v Bruen, Gavin Newsom & the gun control industry pushes futile attempts to limit your Second Amendment rights.

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Ethan Jones from WEAPONRI Training & Tactics joins the show to talk about firearm training in the Inland Empire. Whatever you learned about guns from the media and Hollywood is wrong. Get the truth about gun ownership from Ethan and learn how to be a safe, competent, and responsible gun owner.

Part of responsible gun ownership is safe and secure storage of your firearm. Is the Tuffy universal valuables safe for you? With multiple mounting sleeves, you can easily transfer your safe between multiple locations.

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“In New York City on July 1st a 61-year-old man was assaulted behind the counter of the business in which he worked. The man defended himself with a knife killing his assailant and was subsequently arrested and charged with murder. Many say the murder charge is outrageous and the clerk clearly acted in self-defense, others disagree.” 

San Diego County Gun Owners member, Alex Galicia is running for California State Senate District 18. Vote for Alex Galicia and vote for a better California.

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Steve Vaus, the mayor of Poway, founded a new program as an early-warning system to combat mass violence. Studies have shown 90% of perpetrators exhibit warning signals before committing violence against innocents.

Known as the Poway Alert line, this early warning system bridges the gap between intervening when somebody is a danger to themselves or others and preserving civil rights. Mayor Vaus encourages other cities to adopt this low-cost solution to prevent mass violence incidents.

See something?

Say Something.

Poway residents can call: 855-56-ALERT

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What nautical equipment led Samuel Colt to the invention of a reliable multiple shot revolver?

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