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Michael brings up a recent story originally covered by Reno May where a Mendocino County resident’s rifle was unjustly confiscated. Keyboard warriors declare that they’d fight, but how many of us are prepared for the legal battle and legal fees to be able to do so?

Morgan Ballis joins the show to talk about school & church safety. Learn about the real facts around active shooter events, and what low frequency, high consequence means. Learn about “Avoid, Deny, Defend,” and other strategies for protecting kids at school. Morgan also comments on the movie, “Run, Hide, Fight,” and the real-life take-aways you can get from it. Click on the links below to learn more about Morgan’s work.

Justin Baca from Rifle Supply talks about their shop and their custom rifle line. A rifle line made in California?  Is that possible? Go visit Justin at their new shop in Huntington Beach and tell them you heard him on Gun Owners Radio!

Joe Drammissi discusses the left’s newest tool to take away American’s 1st and 2nd amendment rights: the Public Health Crisis.  Read Joe’s blog here:

Melissa Lee reviews the TACRIG holster system.  Owner Tim Silva joins the show to share what makes their holsters different. Join the Gun Owners Radio email list to win a FREE TACRIG HOLSTER! Use DISCOUNT CODE GOR15 to get 15% off on their website:

Melissa Lee and the crew discuss the rise in violence against Asian Americans.  Stay tuned for a special upcoming MAGNUM round-table discussion episode with on this topic.

STUMP MY NEPHEW: Leeanne in San Diego, Texas asks: Glock has an unsupported chamber. What is that and why?

MIKE DROP: Barbara Bry

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